Earth 1 Ecosystems

EARTH 1: Ecosystems

EARTH 1 is sponsored by Roslyn P. Swire
Dedicated to the memory of Irving and Michael Swire who celebrated life and reflected the beauty of the planet through their exquisite photographs.


600 Trees

To finish its grand tour of the Child Educational Center’s School-Age Programs, Earth 2 made it to our Oak Grove site to visit with the children […]

Garden 2 for Earth 2

After inspiring a flourishing garden at Westridge school, Earth 2 landed in the hands of the Child Educational Center’s School-Age program at St. Bede the Venerable […]

A School Salad Garden

The Child Educational Center’s School-Age Program at Westridge School for Girls was the next group of CEC children to take on the challenge of Earth 2. […]

Crafts & Snacks for the World

Earth 2 made it into the hands of the children at the Child Educational Center’s School-Age Program at Paradise Canyon Elementary School (PCY) following successful bake […]

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Earth 1 Ecosystems


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